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7 Tips to Hire The Best Wedding Caterers in Hyderabad

7 Tips On How To Choose & Hire The Best Wedding Caterers in Hyderabad

They say ‘marriages are made in heaven’, but it has to be lived & manifested on earth nonetheless. The start of a good marriage is best through a great wedding ceremony which is one of the most important occasions in people’s lives that stays as a memorable moment for many, particularly for the bride & groom. Food is an inseparable part of any celebration, & especially so for a wedding celebration, as the guests will be talking about it much later after the bride & groom would have gone away for their honeymoon. 

So, it is important that you should choose from among the  best wedding caterers in Hyderabad as enjoying a good quality meal at the marriage event is one of the other important memories that your guests will take away. That is why selecting the right caterer is important.  Here, we have compiled a few tips that you need to get down to the bottom of when it comes to selecting from wedding caterers in Hyderabad.

Here are a few questions to help you with choosing a wedding caterer:

  1. Do the caterer has a valid food & Safety certifications?
  2. How many years of experience they have in catering business?
  3. Do they help to give any references from previous events/wedding?
  4. Do they provide full service or do we need to pay extra money for the service staff?
  5. Do the caterer has any wedding packages which includes venue decoration?
  6. Is customized menu options available with the caterer?
  7. Does the caterer provide food tasting before finalizing them?
  1. License & Certifications:

It is important to make sure the catering service has a valid food license 


In order to operate a catering service, it is necessary to have certain certifications & licenses as FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), which is to be acquired by any catering business that deals with food operations such as food service, cooking, delivery.

It is very important first to check if the caterer you’re evaluating has a valid FSSAI license. This food license is an indication that the caterer is doing business more than Rs. 12 lakhs per annum that indicates that they have  enough experience in this industry. Small caterers typically do business with just with a FSSAI certificate & they might not be the best professionals to cater to your event as they are unlikely to have the necessary large events experience & trained personnel to handle such events.

If you’re going to have alcohol at the wedding event make sure the caterers have an Alcohol license; as without a license it is illegal to serve alcohol in events. 

2) Years of expertise in catering industry: 

While hiring a caterer it is important to know the number of years of expertise they have in the catering business and also get to know if they have provided Catering Services to wedding events before. This is to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the marriage event and the guests are well taken care of and happy.  

3) Previous Client References: 

Once you get interested and you want to hire them for your wedding party, it is important to talk and make sure that you’re choosing the right caterer for the event. Ask them if they can provide any client references and/or review of their previous customers so that you can get to know their experience with those caterers

Ask if they can provide a portfolio of their previous event services. It helps to get to know their style and quality. See if they can show pictures, any videos, reviews on their website.  

4) Details of the Catering services they provide:  

Get to know about the ratio of servers to guests to ensure the guests are better served. Also, ask if the servers will have a neat & clean uniform so that the guests can easily identify them & also because it looks professional.

 There will be a list of catering services offered by the caterers. Some prepare food in their kitchens and bring it directly to the event, some provide live stations & stalls, some make desserts, some have a venue that you could rent for wedding party dinners like a bachelor party, reception ceremony. 

5) Package Details: 

Ask for a quotation and understand clearly the costing basis. Most caterers charge as per-plate or per-head for the entire food service (including food & drinks, service, transportation, cutlery etc.)  which means each guest costs a certain amount. If the per-head or per-rate amount is only for food & drinks per person, you would end up being charged extra for cost headings such as service by waiters, transportation charges, disposables/cutlery etc. Ask the caterers to send you a draft that shows break down cost estimation list. 

Most wedding caterers in Hyderabad also do food decoration services. Ask them if they do food decoration and if they do ask them if that is the part of the package or if you need to get an event decorator separately who does that.

6) Food Menu for the wedding : 

Before contacting a catering service for weddings you have to be clear on what your marriage day menu should look like. Most top quality caterers tend to have some pre-built wedding menus that might suit you requirement. Have a clear picture of how lavish you want the  celebrations to be and make a list of the items/dishes (such as live stations for chaat, desserts, starters, pizzas, pasta etc) you feel you need to have during the event. If you’re confused or lost you can ask the caterers from their experience which might help you know what works best. Also, get to know if the food will be prepared on-site or will be brought in prepared

7) Food-tasting Arrangement:

Food tasting is an important aspect of decision making for selecting wedding caterers in Hyderabad. Based on the taste it is easier to judge if your wedding is going to be memorable food wise to all your guests. Get to know the caterer’s specialty cuisine & dishes and ask them for a food tasting session to see their cooking style matches your expectations & taste.

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