You are currently viewing Corporate Catering: Why To Choose Catering Service For Your Next Board Meeting

Corporate Catering: Why To Choose Catering Service For Your Next Board Meeting

Corporate Catering: Why To Choose Catering Service For Your Next Board Meeting

If you are planning to organize food to your next corporate event or company board meeting, you would do well to remember that it’s not as easy as picking up the phone & placing the order with your favorite eating place/restaurant. You don’t know whether they routinely handle group food orders. As you can appreciate, the logistics for food service at your venue is vastly different than that of at the restaurant itself.

The factors that make catering different to in-restaurant food service can be broadly categorized under food variety, timeliness, food packaging & presentation, hygiene, logistics of food handling as well as the eventual food service. If you err in choosing the right service provider, you would be inviting upon yourself avoidable stress that is very likely to interfere with your office productivity; not to mention also the creation of some unpleasant & completely forgettable memories as this is likely to reflect on your company.

We certainly don’t intend to alarm you; rather just want to impress upon this very important aspect of arranging food for your corporate event, team meetings, corporate lunch catering etc. 

Here in this post, we will discuss the following points that will help you better understand the nuances of arranging food for your office like a pro.

  1. Why corporate catering is important?
  2. What do you need to know about when hiring corporate caterers in Hyderabad?
  3. When you should order catering for your business lunch?


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Studies have indicated that eating/dining together tends to increase cooperation and trust amongst people. This aspect of communal dining/eating (breaking the bread together) is especially valuable in corporate & business meetings as well in office employee interactions as they increase the chances of bonding with each other over a well cooked tasty meal in a relaxed setting that allows them to slow down from their usual hectic pace of work.

In order to achieve the perfect experience as indicated above, one needs to consider aspects such as dietary restrictions, cuisine preferences etc as well as the budgeted cost. You will also need to order the right quantities to ensure there is enough for all; not to mention you need the food service to be set up in time for your business lunch or a board meeting event and serviced smoothly.  

Instead of trying to figure out everything by yourself, it is far better to hire a corporate catering service that will do this all for you. Corporate catering provider (like yumEATS: Online Catering Service Hyderabad – Order Food Best …) will save your time and take care of all the planning such as choosing the right menu based on dietary restrictions & cuisine preferences in line with your budget as well as quantities. In addition to the planning, they will ensure a smooth experience for you by ensuring the order details and preferences is prepared correctly and in a timely manner. The logistics of the food service further to the food preparation such as food packaging & presentation, hygiene, food handling as well as the eventual food service will be done in a  professional, reliable and keep you hassle-free.


Arranging corporate catering takes a lot of attention to detail as there are a lot of aspects to be considered as briefly indicated above; and all this while being able to stick to your budgeted cost. In this section we will guide you in what to ask and how to choose corporate caterers in Hyderabad for your office. 

Does the caterer provide multiple menu options?

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These days, people are very particular about dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, organic, dairy free etc. Also, the type of food served will differ with the type of occasion such as board meetings, work lunches, employee appreciation lunches, product launches, cocktail parties, seminars or workshops etc, and you need to identify a caterer who has a varied menu that is suitable for each one of the above mentioned types of events.

Do they arrange for food sampling?

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What will you do before buying a shirt? You would want to try it out and see how well it fits & looks on you, like right! Likewise it is prudent to taste some of the key items in the menu to better judge the taste & quality of the food. 

Do they have experience in serving corporate clients?

Another important criteria in selecting a corporate caterer is to check if they have any similar experience in handling corporate events like all-day meeting, team lunch, workshops etc. Ask for their corporate clientele list and ask to speak to any references they have in these corporates to better understand the quality & service level provided to existing clients. 

Do they take last minute requests?

Even if well planned ahead, there might be a few last minute changes in the plan regarding menu items, preferences etc. To deal with these sorts of eventualities, you need to find a corporate caterer in Hyderabad who can professionally handle such last minute requests and service your requirement smartly.  

What are all included in the price?

There shouldn’t be any hidden charges or extra taxes levied on the final bill after the agreed terms. You need to have a clear idea of how they are charging whether it is per head or per plate basis. Do the delivery & service staff cost also included? Sometimes there are other hidden charges for plates, cups, cutlery, tissues, etc. for a corporate buffet lunch/dinner that might need clarifications before finalization. Even the small details such as disposal of leftovers as well as garbage or any additional services should be fully understood before entering into the agreement. This makes the agreement between the caterer and you clear and allows everyone to work without any miscommunication or misunderstanding or last minute arrangements that is likely to create hassles for you & your guests.

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Do they have any operational plan for catering?

Just as the corporates have workflow management processes in place, likewise a catering company should ideally have the same. An important document such as a Banquet Function Plan that covers all aspects of the catering including how the food should be presented & plated or how the service should be viz silver service, self service buffets or cocktail function should be shared with all concerned to ensure smooth sailing and a hassle free experience for all on the day of the event. 

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