Join the ever growing band of restaurateurs, cloud kitchen owners, home chefs & caterers to provide yummilicious food to our patron customers!

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The yumEATS Marketplace is a growing network of 100+ caterers/ cloud kitchens/ restaurants that helps caterers focus on the things that they do best- i.e. preparing yummy food for their customers.

Food service is an extremely tough business & we understand that food service professionals need to spend their time in food preparation & food service on the day of the service rather than spending time on activities such as marketing & the operational aspects of getting orders.

yumEATS brings to you our team of branding, marketing, operations & customer service. You may think of us as your sales, marketing & customer service team. We want you to focus on delighting our customers’ taste buds without worrying about the sales & customer aspects of it all.

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How It Works

Confirm orders & collect advance payment

Customers place an order for your menu package/combo through yumEATS. You get the order details by text, email, or WhatsApp & confirm pricing for order finalization & advance payment to you.

You cook, deliver & do the food service

We update & reconfirm regarding customer requirements 2 days before. You prepare & deliver the food as you normally do.

You collect the balance payment

After you are done with the food service on the service date, you collect the balance payment (total minus the advance payment already made) from the customer directly.

We Partner With You....

To onboard your services.

Listing your menu packages/ combos on yumEATS is free and a smooth process. All we need from you is basic information about your services and your catering menu packages/combos. Onboarding is that easy!

To provide customer support.

You get operational support from our customer support team who speak to the customers to get all the requirements . We make sure they are happy and you get relief from multiple follow up calls. This way you can focus only on preparing food and servicing the order on the requested day.

To market your services.

We invest in digital marketing & corporate sales personnel to find corporates & individuals looking for catering services & help them to find menu packages and place orders. We can help build an online presence for you as well.

To improve your business.

We have formed partnerships with various catering & kitchen equipment providers so as to improve your kitchen operations. Also we can help you in reducing costs for getting best quality food ingredients through our bulk sourcing program.
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