yumEATS Daily Lunch Catering Package


Daily Lunch Catering Package for Corporates: This catering menu is available for office employee’s daily lunch (5 days a week) for a minimum of half-yearly catering contracts ONLY.

This Catering Menu Package consists of Flavoured Rice, Two Varieties of Indian Bread, 2 Veg Main Courses, Dal, Sweet/ Salad and Standard Menu Items as given below

Standard Menu Items: Rice, Sambar/ Rasam, Papad, Curd, 1 Pickle and 1 Chutney.

Customization Options: Please customize your menu package using the select drop down option below for Indian Breads.


Daily Lunch Catering Package for Corporates

1 Rice

1 Flavored Rice

Roti, chapati, Phulka (Any 1)

1 Wet Curry

1 Dry curry


Sambar/ Rasam



1 Pickle

1 Chutney

Sweet Salad