Non Veg Burger Starters Soups Combo


Choose your Non-Veg Burger combo by GD’s with your favorite accompaniments which is ideal for House parties/Office treats and for small groups catering

Customization Options: Please customize your menu package using the select drop down option in the section below.


Non-veg GD Burger Combo

Customisable items included as part of this package:

Non-Veg Soup: Smoked Chicken Chunks Soup/Smoked Prawns Soup

Starter: Chicken Wings/ Boneless Chicken/Barbeque Prawns/ Barbeque Fish

Main Course: Chicken Burger(Creamy)/ Chicken Burger(Cheesy)/Prawns Burger/ Fish Burger

Dessert: Choco Pudding/ Smoked Choco Chicken