Diamond Catering Menu Package


This Catering Menu Package consists of 2 Welcome Juice, 2 Varieties Of Starters, 8 Varieties of Sweets, 3 Varieties Of Deserts, 4 Snacks, 4 Varieties of Indian Bread, 3 North & 2 South Indian Veg Main Courses, 2 Fry, 2 North & 1 South Indian Rice, 1 South & 1 North Indian Dal, Live Pan Counter, Chat Counter (Bombay Chat), Fruit Counter (8 Varieties), Dosa Counter (4 Varieties), Chinese Counter (6 Varieties), Timepass Stall (Chocolate counter, Popcorn Stall, Sugar Kandi), Live Salad Counter, Sprouts and Standard Menu Items as given below

Standard Menu Items: White Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Ghee, Powder, Chutney, Pickle, Papad, Curd, Pan, Mineral Water

Customization Options: Please customize your menu package using the select drop down option below for Welcome Drinks.


Provided as part of this service: Water, Plastic glasses, Plates, Dessert cups, Spoons, Forks, Chafing dishes & Service staff (Welcome Girls, Hotel Management Boys), Landscaping  and counter decorations

Customisable items included as part of this package:

Welcome Juice (2 Varieties)

Starters (2 Varieties)

Sweet Mela (8 Varieties {3 North Indian},{3 South Indian}, {2 Bengali})

Dessert (3 Varieties with Chocolate Sauce)

4 Hots (1 Kara, 1 Bajji, 1 Pakoda and 1 North Style)

Roti (4 Types)

3 North Indian Gravies

2 South Indian Curry

2 Fry

2 North Indian Rice

1 South Indian Rice

Raitha (2 Varieties)

1 South Indian Dal

1 North Indian Dal

Live Pan Counter

Chat Counter (Bombay Chat)

Fruit Counter (8 Varieties)

Dosa Counter (4 Varieties)

Chinese Counter (6 Varieties)

Time pass Stall (Chocolate counter, Popcorn Stall, Sugar Kandi)

Live Salad Counter