yumEATS South Indian Veg Menu 3


***Starting price of Rs. 250 per person (transportation charges exclusive) is for a minimum of 150 pax without service boys. Please select the required number of pax (minimum 50 pax required for this menu) & service boys requirement to get the price per person for this catering menu package.***

Best Catering Service in Hyderabad

This popular vegetarian menu is a veggie lover’s delight and has 19 yummylicious food & drink Items with a wide range of choices!

Standard Menu included (5 Items):  Plain Rice, Fryums, Curd, Green Salad, Raita

Customization Options included (14 Items): Please customize your menu package using the select drop down option in the section below.


Customization Options included ( 14 Items): Please customize your menu package using the select drop down option in the section Above.

Juices: Mango/ Fruit Punch/ Pine Apple/ Watermelon/ Grapes/ Banana Milk Shake

Soup: Hot & Sour/ Sweet Corn/ Tomato/ Sweet & Sour/  Veg Manchurian Soup

Snacks: Mirchi bajji/ Veg Manchuria/ Gobi Manchuria/ Alu 65/ Alu Bajji/  Capsicum Bajji/ Palak Pakoda/ Onion Pakoda

Breads: Chapati/  Puri/ Pulka/ Butter naan

Flavoured Rice: Pulihora/ Lemon Rice/ Pudina/ Coconut Rice/ Karivepaku Rice/ Tomato Rice/ Raja Rice/ Jeera Rice/ Veg Dum Briyani/ Veg Fried Rice/ Veg Pulav/ Green peas Pulav/ Bagara Rice.

South Indian Curries: Beans carrot coconut fry/ Alu Methi fry/ Brinjal Curry/ Beeraki Palu Curry/ Cabbage coconut/ Beans coconut fry/Munakkai tomato/ Guti vankai curry/ / Cauliflower curry/ Brinjal Pakoda / Dondakai Pakoda/ Cabbage 65/ Tomato Senaga Pappu curry.

North Indian Curries: Chole/ Rajma/ Capsicum/ Mushroom Masala/ Dum Ali/Mutter panner/ Alu Gobi/Bagara Baigan/ Alu palak/ palak Panner/ Panner Butter Masala.

Dal: Tomato Pappu/ Methi Pappu/ Mudda Pappu/ Dosakai Pappu/ Palak Pappu/ Sorakai Pappu.

Sambar: Munakkai Sambar/  Sorakai Sambar/ Dosakai Sambar/ Maggiga Pulusu

Rasam: Pachi Pulusu/ Tomato rasam/ Miryala Rasam/ Vaamu Rasam

Roti Pachadi: Dosakai/ Tomato/ Sorakai/ Mix Veg/ Cabbage/ Carrot/ Gongura/ Brinjal

Pickles: Lemon/ Mango/ Mix Veg/ Cauli Flower.

Sweet: Kala Jamun/ payasam/ Double ka meeta/ Gulab Jamun/ Rava Kesari/ Fruit Salad.

Ice Cream: Vanilla/ StrawBerry/ Chocolate/ Mango

Accompaniments: Plain rice, Fryums, Curd, Green Salad, Raita.

Provided as part of this service: Disposable Plates, Spoons, Forks, Water Glasses, Dessert Cups,  Food Pans, Serving Spoons, Service Staff (optional). Transportation charges applicable as per distance & number of trips to service your requirement.