North Indian Veg Combo



North Indian veg Catering

This north Indian veg Catering Menu Package consists of 2 Rotis, 3 Butter Pulkha, Veg Main course and Drinks 

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North Indian Veg Catering

Paneer Combo: Paneer Butter Masala/Kadai Paneer/Paneer Chatpata, 2 Roti/3 Butter Pulkha & Butter Milk

Mushroom Combo: Mushroom Masala/Mirapakaya Mushroom Curry, 2 Roti/3 Butter Pulkha &Butter Milk

Mixed Veg Combo: Veg Diwani Mastani/Tawa Veg, 2 Roti/3 Butter Pulkha & Butter Milk